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Valores: This is what we’ll do!

Domen Valič, actor and a celebrity starring in a video advertisement ad, holding a gold coin in hand, explaining the importance of investing in gold.

Valores: Investment in gold – This is what we’ll do!

In this 2 minutes long video ad – produced for a gold, silver and precious metals trading company Valores – the viewer is entertained by an interesting and amusing storyline depicting a “real life”-like scenario of a businessman (starred by Nejc Jezernik) convincing Domen (starring Domen Valič) into filming an advertisement video about the importance of investing in gold.

Through 3 different scenarios for the advertisement (Rich Man, James Bond, Everything Gold) – envisioned by the businessman – the viewer can recognize “basic standard practices of selling”, but Domen shuts them all down stating that he does not want to participate in such “overinflated and posh” stories. Rather than that, he – as an ordinary guy – tells us the importance of diversifying the investments and investing in gold.

Withing the last part the audience can relate to the honest message about the importance of investing in gold while also enjoying the humoresque yet well produced and filmed fictional scenes that Domen is asked to star in.